Saturday, 30 August 2008

At Home and Abroad

I just read that Barack Obama's speech accepting the Democratic presidential nomination Thursday was watched by 38.4+ million people in the U.S., making it one of those rare times more people have watched an event of substance than a finale of American Idol. Aside from myself, I know of two others here in the Philippines who also watched the speech...and they aren't Americans. It was truly a worldwide event, and this generation's equivalent of man landing on the moon.

Of course, the most important aspect of this is that it shows that at last people are truly interested in an election, in what direction the US will take for the upcoming four years and beyond, and the sense that they must be a part of it. Almost as if people are (*gasp!) working together!

Perhaps Obama is a twenty-first century JFK.

After eight years of a stubborn stumblebum and the prospect of electing a once-respected maverick-turned-Stumblebum Jr., I guess the voters want to be sure they don't make the same mistake they've made twice already and hear as much as they can from the candidates. Well, we'll see next week after McCain's Nielsen ratings are tallied whether people want to listen to what he has to say.

Meanwhile, while reading and watching this on-line, I spotted this very disturbing ad:How a pregnant woman drinking wine helps sell automobiles is beyond me!

Number 1: Isn't it verboten for pregnant women to drink?

Number 2: Isn't drinking and driving both dangerous and illegal?

Number 3: When was the last time you saw a sexy pregnant woman beside a car on the cover of a car magazine?

Number 4: Who is it they are targeting here? The unwantedly pregnant? Britney Spears, or those who look to pattern their lives after hers? Alcoholic Soccer Mom's Anonymous (ASMA) members?

This whole image is just, as I said, beyond me!

And, speaking of images, during Obama's speech, did any of you happen to notice the eerie resemblance of some of the audience members in Mile High Stadium to the passengers aboard the Axiom in the movie Wall-E? Just an observation...

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