Saturday, 16 August 2008

Crispy Pish

So I went to Brother's Burger yesterday for lunch. I felt like something different for a change and had never tried their chicken sandwich. So I saw the girl behind the register, went up to the counter, and ordered a Crispy Chicken sandwich...

Girl: Crispy Pish.

Me: No. Crispy Chicken...and onion rings. Do you have onion rings today? (Most other times I've ordered them, they are out.)

Girl: Yes sir. Onion rings. Drink sir?

Me: I'll have green tea.

Girl: OK sir. Is that all, sir?

Me: Yes.

Girl: That's one Crispy Pish, one....

Me: No. No Fish!

Girl: Wait a while, sir.

Here she calls into the kitchen and whispers something. A moment later the manager comes out, inserts his key into the register, and hits a few keys. Obviously, she had rung me up for a, fish sandwich and didn't know how to take it off the order.

I know, it's hard to distinguish from chicken and fish. Just ask Jessica Simpson. Of course, once they're both butchered and breaded, they do look quite similar, even to me.

Anyway, I paid and waited for my order. Five minutes later I had my Crispy Chicken, not Crispy Pish sandwich. It was huge! There were two chicken breasts on it. But it didn't have a distinct chicken (or, fish) taste. The garlic mayonnaise drowned it all out!

At 160 pesos for a sandwich alone, I expected more. While I got more in quantity, I wasn't sold on the quality. For less than that I can go to the only other place with a good chicken sandwich, Wendy's, and get their chicken breast sandwich with fries and drink...and perhaps a Frosty.

Oh well, it's a longer trip, but back to Wendy's...


Anonymous said...

If I am not mistaken, the person behind the register (in the Philippines) usually can't cancel an order by themselves (for security reasons or rather because the management does not really trust the employees). That is why they need to ask their managers to insert their special key to cancel the order.

Cathy said...

We Filipinos do have a problem with pronouncing "F". It is strange really that we insist on calling ourselves Filipinos...and not Pilipinos.