Friday, 8 August 2008

Island Inflation

A continuation of our escapades in Boracay...

I just read a newspaper headline proclaiming the inflation rate in the Philippines is now at 12.2%.

Yikes!!! And just think: most of the money is going to those pumping, refining, and speculating in oil.

Some of it is also going to the place we found to eat/escape the rain once we'd set out from the hotel in Boracay last week. We decided on a 10" Italian sausage and broccoli pizza. It cost Php580! That's over $12US! OK, in the US that might not be totally outrageous, but consider Edson and I eat regularly at Yellow Cab Pizza, a place considered on the higher end of the price scale for pizza places in Manila. Most of their 10" pizzas run a little over half that price!

Yes, we'd expected to pay more in the touristy, tropical paradise of the tiny island, but most establishments there don't go to such an extreme. However, it was goooood. It was also past three and we hadn't eaten since Cinnabon at NAIA before take-off that morning.
Edson and I at the aforementioned pizza place.
A view from the hotel. Not from our room. More on that in a later post.
While wandering around we spied a small, brightly lit ferris wheel. I decided to be creative with the camera. I like the effect!

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Edik said...

hehehe you looked like korean honeymooners. same outfit.