Thursday, 4 September 2008


During the month of July, our side street, Malugay, was torn up and rebuilt.

We thought it was a good thing, as vehicles were continually dodging left and right to avoid the plethora of potholes pockmarking the pavement. The blacktop was replaced with one of concrete, and the ride is now much improved over the old...

...when the weather is fine.

But when the weather is uncooperative, this is what we get:Progress!

Isn't that something? It doesn't matter how little it rains, at our corner none of the water goes down the sewers anymore. The parking area below our tower is usually this huge ankle-deep puddle, which I'm sure pleases the customers of the high-priced Cielo Salon downstairs. (How high priced? I can get my hair cut 4-5 times at most better barber shops for the price of one cut there.)

I guess our big puddle serves as a replacement for the water features the condo filled in last month.

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