Saturday, 9 August 2008

Our Boracay Adventure: Day 2

Day two of our Boracay adventure had us rushing out of our room without breakfast to go island hopping. That's a fancy way to say you'll be taken to one other island. An island that's privately owned, charging admission for you to walk amongst their tacky concrete animals and seek shelter in a few buildings erected there which, no doubt, offer overpriced snacks or souvenirs. Our group (pictured below) nixed that idea as soon as we arrived there.

We then returned to Boracay and went snorkeling. By we I mean everybody but me. While I can swim in our pool at the condo, ocean waves and I don't get along and my interest in snorkeling cannot be measured it's that small. Funny thing is, we had brought a single-use underwater camera with us from Manila, but had left it in the hotel room that morning! It actually never saw any use on the entire trip. Oh well, I guess we can use it at the pool...

Anyway, while others peered into the water below (or just held onto the outriggers for dear life---what I would have been doing) I snapped pictures of/for them. Here's Edson and his officemate Steph.

After the island hopping adventure we stopped at the Paradiso Grill for lunch. This smiley fishy was one salty part of the feast.

Here we are happy after our morning adventure and with full tummies.

After leaving the restaurant we were greeted with some nice weather and a beautiful scene.

But before we spent too much time enjoying it we needed to clean up a bit from our morning adventure. So back to the hotel we went.

Won't you come with us on the trek?

It's just a walk down the beach until you turn right onto this path here:

The path ends just ahead.

Always look both ways before crossing the street. And if you're going to photograph it, don't bother with the less photogenic side. (Yes, this is the photogenic side! No it isn't, but you can see a good deal further down the road in this direction.)

Once clean, refreshed and dressed we were back on the beach!

That day, the wind and waves were quite strong as you can see.

We didn't experience waves like that on our previous trip to Boracay last year in May. At that time the waves are quite placid and very calming. Waves like these are good for the wake boarders, and we saw several.

Others, like us, preferred strolling and sunning.

There were plenty of boats lined up on the beach one could hire.

Here's something I liked: these stamped signs that ornament the sidewalks. Most all are brightly painted like this one here.

As the sun was beginning to set, so were we (for a nap before dinner). So we set back for the hotel once again.

So here I leave you with a final picture snapped just before we arrived at the hotel, located just this side of the street across from the beautiful bougainvilla you can see in it's colorful glory in the distance.

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