Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Meditate on This!

To reduce water and electricity costs, the Columns has modified the water features at the entrance to each of the three towers.

That was what the memo told us.

Here is our above-mentioned water feature:As you can see, it is surrounded by potted plants. Large potted plants. And connecting those pots is a long blue tape.

Water and electricity savings aren't the only reasons for the modification. The tape fencing off the shallow pool of water has been there for many, many months now. The plants have been there even longer.

Apparently there have been some people who have fallen in the shallow water features. Several times. Repeatedly, I'm told, people have mistaken the water for tile flooring.

Does your tile flooring bubble and ripple like the water does in this picture?

Does it light up at night in colors that change from blue to green to purple to yellow?

If your tile flooring does this, it may be an indication you have a poltergeist...or, more likely, a water feature in your home!

The rows of large potted plants didn't help. People still walked right in the water.

While Darwinism was clearly working to root out the least fit humans, electricity prices have been rising due to the sky-high cost of oil. Apparently economic concerns win out over comic entertainment for the guards as they watch the hapless plunge into the waters of our tranquil water features, and something equally tranquil is to replace our lovely, simple, elegant water feature (Also known as water bowl for local kitties who, by the way, have never accidentally fallen in; once again proving the superiority of cats over humans).

Our water features, as well as the children's sandbox in the 7th floor play area, have all been transformed into spaces of zen meditation:For the entrances, this is just as nice as the water feature I must admit. Although at night it isn't anywhere near as impressive.

But how is a child going to find zen meditation as intriguing as a sandbox?! Especially when the vast majority of Filipinos are Catholic, not Buddhist? Zen Buddhist at that!

I'll not be holding my breath waiting to hear a child cry Mommy! Mommy! I want to go meditate by the slide! Can I, please?

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