Friday, 24 October 2008

Hot Malling

Yes....another mall post! It's where our grocery store is (as well as some of our favorite places to eat), and that's why we're there so often.

Anyway, as we were descending the escalator we noticed this larger-than-life Hot Wheels track below!
Actually, there were two of them. The one pictured has tracks set up for kids to play. The other side had a store set up, complete with cases containing the collections of various Hot Wheels afficionados. To assist collectors, the store had a good supply of the current selection of limited-edition and classic re-issue models.

This was like a heaven for someone like me who, as a kid, spent countless hours in make-believe worlds built of Lego brick towns where Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars sped imaginary people about. My brother, sister, and I were all pre-video game, pre-DVD (pre-videotape!), pre-cable television kids. Seventy-five cent die-cast toy cars and a bag of building bricks was all it took to keep us happy. We were not couch potatoes, transfixed by television or video games (which exercise one's hand and eye coordination---right!).

In case you are wondering...yes, I did pick up some of those classic re-issues!

And because I bought them, I also received this:What exactly this does for me or someone's child is going to remain a mystery to me as the details were spelled out on the reverse side in tiny black type over a dark background. Despite my lasik-enhanced eyesight I couldn't read it. But I photographed it here so you could see they had planned for Halloween in that there is room on this form for both the costumer and the marshal. I didn't see anyone dressed as Speed Racer or other race car type, nor Wyatt Earp.

Anyway, I also got my hair cut at the mall. Art, a young barber at Bruno's Barbershop, cut my hair and styled it a bit differently than I'm used to. I liked it, though. Apparently others did too, as almost as soon as I stepped outside the shop into the mall area a young guy crossed my to-be path, looked me in the eye, and said hi.

I continued walking on to meet up with Edson. As I came to a flight of stairs, the guy rushes up from behind and crosses in front of me again, again saying hi.

So I said hi, as it seemed he was going to walk alongside me all the way up the stairs and beyond.

Are you alone?, he asked.

No. I'm with my boyfriend.

Can I have your number?

No. Goodbye.

Ballsy little guy, wasn't he? Still thinks I'm going to give him my number!

When Edson saw me, he liked the hair as well.

So, to Manila guys: if you want people to take notice of you, have Art at Bruno's Barbershop in Glorietta cut your hair. The results are hot!

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