Tuesday, 4 November 2008

No Warning!

That's the title I suggested to model/actor Jaws Andrada when he asked what I thought we should call the edited images from a test shoot I did with him the day before Halloween.

Why No Warning, you ask?

Well, Jaws isn't accustomed to working without having a makeup artist, stylist, and other assistants working alongside the photographer. As I said, this was just a test shoot; so none of that was necessary. So there was no concept, no makeup, no stylist, no assistants...just a charged battery and room on the memory card!

What's a test shoot, you're asking?

It's a shoot to see how a model and photographer work together. I needed to do one of Jaws because I had a client ask me to suggest some models to work with on a shoot she is looking to do with me. Jaws and I had communicated about doing a shoot before, but now a simple shoot needed to happen.

No sooner had I completed tweaking the photos, I sent them to Jaws, and he had them up on his Multiply networking site. Another day or two and now the pictures are up on Next Model Men's site. Unlike other sites/blogs that attempt to erase my watermark, I've received complete credit there.

Check them out here and here.

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