Saturday, 18 October 2008

This is "Malling"?

I don't know why I haven't posted something like this before.
Seeing a "church" set up in a shopping mall is nothing new here. Indeed, there are those here who are surprised when I say I've never before seen a church set up in a mall like this anywhere in the USA.

Perhaps this would be a way to get shoppers to come to malls in the US. Most US malls seem pretty abandoned compared to those here. It could aid in jump-starting consumer spending in the US (something the whole world is depending on).

Not only would it bring people into malls; it would also force them to compare each other's attire in a proper setting...the church of retail consumption. We all know most people use going to church each Sunday merely to show off to the rest of the congregation. There's probably as much attention paid to comparing dresses, hats, ties, shoes, blouses, accessories, and in some cases I'm sure...undergarments as there is to the preacher (if the preacher is lucky). Why, this way, as soon as services end, the congregation can immediately set out to the various retailers in search of the right clothes to outshine their neighbors the following Sunday!

As the preacher said in closing his sermon: Go thou and do likewise.

Genius, huh?

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