Thursday, 2 October 2008

Oh My!

Some of you readers may recall my post entitled Dumb and Dumber, where I featured the Philippines' latest beauty pageant queen of embarrassing moments, Janina San Miguel and fellow embarrassing moment-maker, former American Idol contestant Kelly Pickler, along with their embarrassing videos.

Well, it came to my attention recently that there's another one out there who beats them all. Because the gaffes come with frequency.

No, I'm not speaking of Melanie Marquez; though her quotes are amazing. For those who are unfamiliar, here's some of her best-known gaffes:

True good to be true.

When it rains it's four.

Once in a new moon.

Please don't make fond of me.

The more you hate, the more you laugh.

Alma mother.

No holes barred.

Keep your mouth shock!

At's if!

Well, well, well....look do we have here?

It's just the tip of the icing.

Here's more to come.

Connect me if I'm wrong.

I hope you don't mine.

I wanna portrait that role.

The nerd! (nerve)

Give me alone!

No, even her best gaffes are merely unintended puns. She knows what she's saying (or means to say) and we know too.

But she has been upstaged.

Big time.

Melanie, meet Sarah Palin!

In just one short month, Sarah has made a career's worth of gaffes. Her shares of embarrassing moments exceed what anyone should have to endure in their entire lifetime. Here's her current set of greatest hits:

As CNN's Jack Cafferty said, "If John McCain wins, this woman will be one 72-year-old's heartbeat away from being President of the United States. And if that doesn't scare the hell out of you, it should."

I, for one, am terrified. Not just because of Sarah herself, but because apparently so many people support her. She draws huge...crowds...hmmm....

Wait a minute.


Add facts, stories, and lies.


Do you suppose those people who attend the rallies to support her are really there just for the sheer comedy of it? Waiting for her to mess-up? You know, so they could say "I was there when..." She's the sideshow freak to them.

Or are they really her supporters? And what does that say about the rest of us?

Oh my!

Oh no.

Oh shit.

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milai said...

LOL at "melanisms." She never does fail to amuse me with her boo-boos.

Here are some of my beloved "melanisms."

- I won't stoop down to MY level.
- Bakit ang dami mong tanong? (Translation: Why do you have so many questions?!) You're so questionable.
- I don't eat meat. I'm not a CARNIVAL.
- My migraine is aching.
- My father is the only living legend who's alive.
- That's why I'm success, I don't MIDDLE in other people's lives.
- You can fool me one...twice...even thrice... But you can never fool me FOUR.

Ha ha ha! ;P