Saturday, 13 June 2009

Of Slugs and Men

While out at the far end of the pool the other day I noticed a slug making its way along the side of the stone privacy wall. It was headed downward towards the concrete walkway and infinity water return for the pool water.

It was a very hot and sunny day. Knowing there was nothing of any value or interest for a slug in the direction he was heading, the Dr. Doolittle in me told it to head back up and over the wall to the garden area on the opposite side. At least there a slug might find itself not being fried 'n dried by the unrelenting summer sun.

And it did.

Well, it headed back up the wall, turned right about three-quarters of the way up and then headed right back down where it started from, plunking it's head right into a puddle of chlorinated pool water.

So much for talking sense to a slug.

It's a bit like talking sense to people. It usually doesn't work. Giving them a good slap upside the head helps, but I find the effects to be mostly temporary.

In the end people, like slugs, learn from their own mistakes, if even then.

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