Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Lovin' Lasagna Pizza

Pizza Hut here has a new menu item: Viva Lasagna Pizza. It's my new favorite thing and, as luck would have it, it's not available in the US. I checked. Pizza Hut's menus here and there are available online. All you have to do is click on the "here" or "there" to read them. I also have a serious weakness for their Insalata di Verdura Salad. The dressing is perfect: not too tangy or tart...and the croutons are buttery...nice....!

It's a shame the Viva Lasagna Pizza won't make it in the US. I'm sure it would fail, despite how delicious it is. Although Americans would fall in love with the taste, they'd never go for a pizza they couldn't eat without a knife and fork.

Let's face it: lasagna is a messy kind of food. And lasagna noodles, once criss-crossed over each other, placed atop a pizza and baked, are assuredly going to be firmly attached to each other, coming off each pizza slice as one.

You know what that means? You'd get slapped in the chin by a long lasagna noodle full of cheese, meat, and sauce! Let's not even think about that white shirt or blouse you were wearing at the time!

No. Americans like their pizzas cheap and ready to eat, with no utensils required. Filipinos usually eat their pizza with a knife and fork. The famous Kentucky Fried Chicken "finger lickin'good" slogan is also lost here, as I've yet to see a Filipino eat it without a fork and spoon.

Americans don't like our pizza places to look good either. Did you see the interior of the ones they have here? No? Well, go back and click on the link that says "here". I'll wait while you do and say "damn!" In the US we think every pizza place (and way too many other restaurants) have to be sports bars with televisions in every corner tuned in to as many sporting events and channels as are available. The restaurant is usually in good need of proper cleaning, is using the same hard, laminate benches and tables that were installed during the Carter or Reagan administrations, worn carpet (if it wasn't replaced with cheap, dark tile for easier cleaning), and dingy team pennants and jerseys to cover the walls that are in need of painting.

See, not everything in the US is better than here! Pizza Hut US could use a serious makeover and use their operations here as a starting point.

I better get my fill of Viva Lasagna Pizza and Insalata di Verdura Salad while I can, since I'll never see them in the US.

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