Sunday, 14 June 2009


In their online profiles, the vast VAST majority of Filipinos state they are "simple", "a simple person with simple needs", "lead a simple life", "want a simple man/woman", etc....

All the simplicity is not only nauseating, but nothing could be further from the truth. (Surely there are many who are simply simple-minded, but that's another matter.)

Filipinos are quite complex people, especially the gay...excuse me, bi (they're really messed-up on this one!), let's just say the non-heterosexual ones.

I think I've found the answer as to why there is all this annoying "simple" talk, and the answer was found in Facebook, of all places!

Facebook has all those cute quizzes people are always taking to find out "Which Osmond are You?", "Which Superhero are You?", "Which Sex and the City Character are You?", etc. A friend of mine took the "Which Wizard of Oz Character are You?" quiz. He is Dorothy. We knew he is "a friend of Dorothy" (ie: gay), but this quiz says he is Dorothy.

So, who is Dorothy?According to the quiz, if you're Dorothy: "You're a simple person with simple needs. Family, friends and home are very important to you. You want to help others obtain their goals, even if it means sacrificing your own."

This also answers part of the other question about Filipinos and the martyr complex so many have. (It's worse than H1N1, I tell ya!) Edson and I are constantly hearing of others giving up their dreams so they can be the only breadwinner in the family while the rest of the family members sit at home doing nothing, even those who are perfectly intelligent and able-bodied. Others are forced to give up their friends, sacrifice their individuality and dignity, all to try to cling desperately onto their abusive, self-absorbed, uncaring, or cheating boyfriend.

So there we have it.




Of course, knowing the love Filipinos have for telenovelas; if the Wizard of Oz were filmed here, the Wicked Witch of the West would have killed Dorothy (and her little dog, too!), making her the perfect simple martyr.

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