Monday, 15 June 2009

Am I?

I received this text the other night at almost midnight, just as I was drifting into a good sleep.There are several problems with this:

1. I don't know who sent it. There is a rule regarding calling, emailing, and texting others, and that is: One should always introduce themselves when initiating contact.

2. They sent me a text at midnight! Good manners (severely lacking nowadays) says you don't call or text someone (especially someone you don't know) outside of normal working/awake hours. Between 10am and 10pm is a reasonable time period. What is it with people who text others in the wee small hours of the morning?

3. My name is Jay Plogman, not jayplogman. Two words. The first letter of each is to be capitalized.

4. I am unaware of any fame I may have, and if I am the famous photographer they claim me to be, I'm really not interested in it at midnight when I'm trying to sleep.

It does remind me of the text Edson received once asking if his Jay Plogman was THE Jay Plogman.


There's only one of me. In fact, Plogman is a pretty rare name - anywhere. Smith, Gonzales, or Chang it isn't!

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