Thursday, 11 December 2008

Last Day in Hong Kong

The story of our third (and final) day in Hong Kong begins here, at the House of Jasmine.Time for our last dim sum before heading home! As you can see, they're preparing for another wedding at this restaurant as well! I look at these pictures and realize someday someone's going to think I went to Hong Kong and did nothing but go to weddings!

Anyway, it is a good thing I had lunch before this blog entry, because even though I'm rather full, this is making me hungry all over again!Barbecued pork puff pastries, steamed sticky rice in lotus leaves, steamed barbecue pork buns......minced pork and vegetable dumpling in clear soup, steamed flour roll with shrimp and egg......steamed flour roll with minced beef and pickled vegetables, abalone on steamed shrimp and pork dumplings......steamed shrimp dumplings...and to end it all......steamed egg yolk custard buns!

This was the BEST dim sum experience I have ever had. We owe it all to Simon's wife Amy, who suggested he take us to the House of Jasmine. None of the three of us had ever been there, but as Simon's wife is a make-up artist, and does make-up for weddings each weekend, she has been there before as part of her work.

Thanks, Amy! I can still taste it now just from looking at the pictures!

After that much food we all needed a good constitutional, as the British would say. That's "walk" in the U.S. So walk we did, just outside where all the ferry boats and cruise ships come in.
One of the famous Star Ferries in Victoria Harbour.
Edson catches me about to get another shot of the Star Ferry:

Back inside it was time for a bit of shopping. Edson needed to check out the selection of books on architecture and pick up some good teas. After a while we decided to stop for a rest. We stopped here.I include this picture because I found it interesting. As you can see on the window, it clearly states there is to be no eating or drinking. The interesting part is this is the window of a restaurant.

Then what do they serve??

Well, as it turns out, delicious, freshly-made noodles!And delicious, fresh-made buns filled with sweet bean paste!So here we are, the look of well-fed people after consuming some of the best food we've had in a long, looonnnng time!

Sadly, we were running out of time, so it was off to the airportand a farewell to Simon.
We arrived back in Manila that night right on time. It was Sunday, and by the time we made it home virtually all restaurants had closed. (One of the disadvantages of living in the CBD.) We had our choice of Yellow Cab Pizza (too heavy, we thought), KFC, McDonald's, Jolliebee, or Tropical Hut (fast food, fast food, fast food, fast food).

After all the good food we'd had in Hong Kong, it seemed nothing could compete (and it couldn't). So we went where we knew we'd at least get good service - McDonald's. We tried not to pay any attention to what we were eating; just so we had enough in our stomachs that night while we slept...and slept...and slept.

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