Monday, 15 December 2008

Boom Boom Boom

...And a lot of bass bass bass.

That's what awoke us at six o'clock in the morning the other day.

Music made for a dance club, and played at club volume was being blasted at our condo six in the morning! I got up from the bed, pulled the curtains aside and saw ten big speaker sets in the park across the street from us. A stage was also being set up.

OK, something is going to be happening later in the day, but must they test the speakers at six?

And at full volume?

And now that the music has been going on for a few minutes, isn't that enough proof it is working?

Not EVERYONE gets up at six! (Especially Edson and I.)

Three dance tracks of booming bass notes later and the music was shut off. A full fifteen minutes of BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM. BOOM BOOM BOOM. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM....

I noticed some police who had previously been gathered around the fire department had now gathered around the park area. Perhaps they had finally decided to do something other than just stand around doing nothing and had the music shut off.

Either way it was quite some time before I got back to sleep.

But even that was short-lived. I then awoke to a medley of Kenny G and what sounded like Gregorian chant Christmas holiday music. This was coming from within the Columns!

This was being piped in through the speakers in the halls.

After two tracks the music volume was brought down to a more "elevator music" level.

Kenny G as elevator music I can understand; that's what it is. The Gregorian chants suddenly made the Columns into a thirty-storey monastery! I later discovered those were not Gregorian chants but Josh Groban!


Let's just say his album is a little on the sedate side. Yeah, as in sedative.

Early that evening I had returned home and was busy editing photos and waiting for Edson to return from work when the event in the park finally began. It was to officially light the park for the holiday season. I heard endless speeches by one person after another (all hosted/emceed poorly) and then...BOOM!Yes, you may have noticed those are fireworks going off just outside our window...just sixty or seventy feet away and at eye-level!

I wasn't expecting that.

Anyway, after catching that I decided to at least get a shot of the park all lit up.
Funny thing is the park wasn't lit at all after they finished the ceremonious lighting event.

They turned all the lights off!

And they weren't on the following day either.

They finally turned them on again two days later.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like you didn't miss the 4th of July and Riverfest after all. And at eye level, no less.