Sunday, 14 December 2008

Education in the News

This is the front page of today's Philippine Daily Inquirer:On the bottom of the page, eighty-five guys are pictured together with this caption:

PUSH ON UP They would have been a hundred (read: University of the Philippines turned 100) but only 85 showed up for this morning shoot on Saturday wearing their birthday suits, or so it seems. Actually, the all-male alumni, staffers and students from different UP campuses are suited in specially designed trunks with fig leaves. At the UP amphitheater, they pose like the Oblation, the university's signature statue.

Our friend Wally is at the far right of the photo, and he let me in on a secret: he wasn't wearing the specially designed trunks, just the fig leaf. Apparently he's a stickler for authenticity.

Thought you needed to know.

The original statue wore less, but a moral-minded president of the university had the fig leaf added to cover the genitals.

This isn't the only time of year students do something like this at UP. Each year there is the Oblation Run, where many male students wearing nothing but masks run about the university campus, usually to protest something.

I'm guessing it must work (protesting sans clothing, that is), because Filipinos do it elsewhere. Like here:These guys are protesting about education in the Philippines. Just think how good schools could be if people everywhere cared enough about them to march or run around naked to help make them better!

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