Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Hello from Hong Kong

Friday, November 21st. Edson and I landed in Hong Kong.

Within a few hours we were on our way up the mountains of Lantau Island to the Ngong Pin plateau and the world's tallest outdoor seated bronze Buddha.

It's a lot of steps up to that big Buddha.
Here I am with my Mr. Right and Mr. Wong, Simon Wong that is. Simon and I have been friends for over sixteen years, though we haven't seen each other for twelve years since he moved back to Hong Kong after college. He toured Edson and I around Hong Kong for our weekend stay there.

Below the Buddha sits the Lo Pin Monastery.

After one more look back at the giant Buddha and the purchase of some Buddha beads for our career and wealth, we were back on the cable car, riding down the mountain.
Note the beads around my wrist.
And you may also notice the bandage on Edson's hand. That is from a mishap on his flight a week earlier from Dubai which left a nasty bruise and a lot of pain. Fortunately for him, he had to wear it just two of our three days in Hong Kong.

More Hong Kong to come...

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