Thursday, 6 November 2008

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

It appears I was correct when I mused about Americans laughing at Sarah Palin.

Even the on-air personalities (I can't call them reporters) at Faux News/Fox Noise/Fox News/Whateverthehell are getting a good laugh at this one. Well, aside from Bill O'Reilly, who believes CBS's Katie Couric is an unfair interviewer who asks tough, "gotcha" questions (look who's talking!), like what newspapers and magazines Palin read.

That is a tough question if you don't read any...

...and it seems Palin doesn't.

Fox reported today Palin can't name the countries in North America and she was unaware Africa is a continent, not a country.

Um, Sarah, I'm pretty sure my thirteen year-old niece knows the answers to those two. I would expect someone seeking the vice-presidency to know that...and a great deal more!

And Sarah isn't cute like Kellie Pickler.

Remember Kellie on Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?
Kellie didn't know Budapest is the capital of Hungary. She'd never heard of either, thinks Europe is a country, and the people there speak French.



Wrong. Kinda. I'll give her points for knowing French is at least among the languages of Europe, anyway.

I know Sarah is eyeing 2012. Perhaps Kellie will be her running mate! Kind of like a Lucille Ball and Gracie Allen ticket!
Although I'm sure we all would have had a lot more fun watching pros like Lucy and Gracie run for office. Heck, they would have been fun in office! And they would have done a better job at representing America than W did.


I almost forgot!

I found it funny the other day when people asked who I thought was going to win: Obama or that lady? They'd completely forgotten McCain was the one running for president! All they could remember was some funny lady was in the race.

Perhaps they were referring to Tina Fey?Confused?

Sarah Palin is. And when she is, she throws tantrums, Fox reports.

There's a lot of Alaskan moose that better watch out. There's an upset, gun-toting governor on the loose!!

Can you say "One term", Sarah?

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