Sunday, 20 July 2008

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

I've spoken often (and maybe written here) about handbags. Primarily I am referring to the seeming billions of absolutely hideous, superbly ugly, what-were-they-thinking atrocious, terrifically tacky, overwhelmingly ostentatious, bedazzled, bejeweled, overly-ornamented, disgustingly designed, crap-o cheap-o uuuuuuugly handbags found in Landmark Department store. You can't miss them even with your eyes closed they are that hideous!

Edson often scolds me for commenting on the hideous handbags as we walk through the extraordinarily large sea of them we must pass through to get to Glorietta on our route there.

Our dear friend Opal, who is in the country for several weeks, was subjected to them yesterday as we walked with her to eat dinner. But fortunately for her, we had stopped in Greenbelt 5 (the Greenbelt complex is across the street) first to see what new shops had opened and to show her a shop owned by a mutual friend. There she saw good bags. You know, well made items made by influential brands and skilled craftspeople.

It was there she fell in love.

And best of all, love was on sale. Big sale.

Love was with her as we walked through the hideous handbags at Landmark.

I was paying close attention to Opal when she found herself surrounded by the ugly handbags.

You all remember the look on Judy Garland's face when she, as Dorothy Gale, faces the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz?
Well, Opal's reaction wasn't quite that extreme, but pretty close!

(Those bags are that hideous I'm telling you!)

She couldn't look for long without feeling sorry for the poor bags.

Yes, sorry.

For men who are reading this, you have to understand that bags and shoes take priority in a woman's life. They are almost more important that the clothes she wears along with them. Don't believe me? Go watch Sex and the City.

So we hurried to Glorietta and the restaurant where we caught up with her and all that has happened since we last saw her back at New Years.

It's good to have her here, even if only for several weeks. She reminds me of myself back in my college days because, like her I had a virtually unlimited supply of energy. Today I get tired just hearing about all the things she can do or thinking about all the things I used to do each day or week.

I'm tired thinking about it now. But that's probably because I was up very early today for a photo shoot and it is almost one in the morning now.

So I'll end here and go to bed.


Oh, but of course I did!!

I wouldn't put together an entire blog entry like this without a photo!!

So here's Opal with her Ate Edson and newfound love:

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