Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Fixing My Stuff

My American friend Antonio once told me of his surprise that Filipinos seem to lack hobbies and other interests. While this may be true from the sampling he was taking, it is not so for my friends and acquaintances. They are avid enthusiasts in badminton, photography, poi/zipping, swimming, and fixing their stuff.

I'll pause here for a moment while a number of you click on the link to poi/zipping to see what that is all about.

Go ahead. The words aren't going anywhere.


Now that you're back, the next question likely on your mind is how much broken shit my friends have, since they're all fixing their stuff.

I've wondered it myself.

People are always saying I like fixing my stuff when I ask them what they like to do. Then I find out they know nothing about repairing anything at all. So they're not do-it-yourselfers.

As all of the respondents have been men, I briefly thought they meant they enjoyed readjusting themselves when their undies pinched at them. That could be fixing their stuff, right? But I doubt they consider that an interest or hobby. If it is, they all think they're Michael Jackson.
This may be the case and explains why I also often hear I'll be there as soon as I fix my stuff. Though, if it takes that much time, it must be something else...and I'm not going there...at least not here!

If, by fixing, they mean cleaning, these people are the Felix Ungers of the Philippines.

So, what on earth does fixing my stuff mean?

Edson doesn't know. It must have been added to the popular jargon during his six years in the U.S.

So, the question is out there.

While I await an answer, I'm going to go and...hmmm... Maybe I'll fix my stuff.

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