Sunday, 13 July 2008

100th Post!

Yes, I know it was just last month the blog turned a year old and you couldn't believe you'd been enduring my musings for that long. Now, as you're reading this, you're realizing you're being subjected to them for the 100th time. And yet you read on...

(Evil laugh.)

Well, nothing earthshaking has happened recently, unless you count the earthquake earlier in the week. It was in the morning that it occurred and aside from a brief sway of the building, the only other sign anything had happened was the cord from the telephone on the wall swaying back and forth. Sorry, no walls crumbling, no gaping rifts in the earth outside our window, no tsunamis, no havoc and despair...although that would give Fox News something to report (remember what news organizations used to do?) instead of trying to make Americans fear the possibility of a black man elected as president. I don't care whether someone supports McCain or Obama, but everyone everywhere should be outraged at the blatant bigotry toward Obama from the so-called newspeople at that so-called news network, and their efforts to scare voters from voting for a candidate on the basis of his skin color. But presidential elections in the US aren't about issues and what policies and actions a candidate proposes anymore, it's about their past, who lived near them when they were a child, and what color skin they chose at birth.

Meanwhile, the Philippines had its own Lorena, er...Lorenzo Bobbitt in the news. Apparently, while at a love hotel, a guy found out his boyfriend cheated on him with another (a woman) and, like Lorena, waited until the boyfriend was asleep and sliced it off. Hotel workers rushed to the room when they heard the screaming. Unlike John Bobbitt, doctors were unable to reunite the victim with his missing appendage as the boyfriend had flushed it down the toilet after cutting it off. And that pregnant Filipino man in the US delivered a baby girl.

Disasters (natural or otherwise) and news of the weird. That actually pretty much sums things up in and about the Philippines!

Other things:

Harvey Korman died. (Made us sad.)

George Carlin died. (Made us sad.)

Watched hours of old Carol Burnett shows and clips of Carlin in stand-up. (Made us laugh.)

Ringo Starr turned 68. (Made peace signs, said peace & love. Made everyone feel good.)

My nephew Nick turned 10. (Made my sister feel old. Me? No. He's her kid.)

Happy birthday, guys!!

And now, for something completely different:

Another amazing sunset.

Rainy season.

Rainy season.
SPF 30 rainy season.

An amazingly huge Bench billboard of Dingdong Dantes and his...dingdong.
(Watch out, ma'am!)


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Edik said...

Congratulations Jay! You have survived Manila.

I was also in Manila during the brief quake. It was more of fun than disaster hehehe.