Wednesday, 21 May 2008

That's a Fine???

I was in a cab en route to Intramuros for my bi-monthly visit to Immigration to renew my visa when the driver ran a red light and was pulled over by police.

Mind you, the policeman is on foot.

Yes, on foot!

That sounds pretty weird itself, but this is the Philippines and if I'm writing about it, you know it is going to get even weird-er.

The cabbie got out of the car and was given his ticket by the policeman and fined one hundred pesos (Php100).

One hundred!

All you Americans are thinking in dollars right now, aren't you? And you're thinking that in dollars that would be a reasonable fine for an infraction of that type, wouldn't you?

One dollar equals forty pesos right about now; so that fine was just around $2.50.

Two dollars!!!

The driver was complaining about the fine.


In the US, people would run red lights all day if it only cost two-fifty!

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