Monday, 19 May 2008


I bet you'll never guess what this parade is about.

Here's more to help you guess.

Any idea yet?

If you said 'gay pride' you are wrong.

Yes, you read right! Wrong.

Really! I'm not kidding!

And look how excited these folks look about their costumes:

You'd feel pretty awful about marching down the streets of the central business district in your nation's capital dressed like an frog too!

The happy happy Jollibee bee.

May 9th was the 338th Makati Founding Day celebration parade. Parade participants assembled just below the Columns at the Makati Central Fire Station. That made it easy to know just when the time would be right to go down and watch and take pictures.

And the magnificent float courtesy of the folks from Laoag City, up north in Ilocos Norte. The horse leading the kalesa is even animated!

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