Monday, 26 November 2007

Island Getaway

Over the weekend of the 17th Edson and I went on a photo outing organized by a local group of photographers on Cagbalete Island, on the east side of Luzon, off the coast of Quezon province, about six hours from Manila.

There were twenty of us on the trip. Four models, a dozen photographers, wardrobe and make-up specialists, and others who just wanted to get away from it all.

I spent the entirety of the weekend shooting, of course.

Cagbalete Island doesn't have beaches as smooth as Boracay and only has electricity from late afternoon through early morning. We reached the island on a boat just big enough for our group. Its construction had our bench seat hanging over the sides of the boat with the water passing below us as we faced towards the boat, waves crashing against the outriggers, spraying us as we went.

I know, you're thinking: Ewww, wet!

As they say on the infomercials: But wait! There's more!

The boat stopped a good hundred yards offshore to let us off into the ocean. At that point the water was pretty shallow; somewhere between waist-deep and just below the shoulder blades depending on your height and how the tides were catching you. This was no place for the well-dressed in our group! We were among the prepared.

The following are a sampling of the snaps I got during the weekend adventure:

A treehouse accomodation.

"The facilities"

Breakfast view from our "room".

Edson works the water pump.

Edson and our friend Booboy in our accomodations.

We also found the island cemetery. I was thinking of putting these up in black & white to emphasize the spookiness of the place, but it doesn't really need it, does it? Being there and looking at these, you can almost hear Shaggy crying out: Scooby-Doo! Where are you?! I was expecting to get run down by them at any moment!

Oh, remember I said this was a trip about shooting models and all?

Yeah. Here they are.

Anyway, as luck would have it, on our way back, after wading another hundred yards out to the boat (this time in turbulent waters), upon our return to the mainland torrential rains hit... here we are seeking shelter in a bus stop after running another hundred yards in the rains.

And for all of you wondering, the tour organizer was well prepared and had someplace ready for us to clean up and change into dry clothes. Another six-hour trip back to Manila soaked in salt water would NOT be a welcome sight...or smell...or sound to those living in "civilization".

In the end, I have over five hundred images to go through, a lot of lost sleep, a tan line despite the cloudy weather, and great memories.

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mom said...

Good thing you've been working out. Need those strong arms to hold camera equip. above the surf both going in and coming out. Looks like a fun trip overall.