Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Seven Minutes

Edson and I placed our order at McDonald's one night. They had run out of his sandwich order and notified him it would be seven minutes before his order was ready.

On another visit to McDonald's I had ordered an apple pie. They had just run out and more were being prepared, but it would be seven minutes before I would get mine.

Visiting another restaurant (Yes, we do eat at establishments other than McDonald's!), we were told our order would take...

...any guesses? minutes!

You know, if I knew that all food preparation took a mere seven minutes, I'd cook for myself. But it never seems that way. What takes a mere seven minutes for a restaurant takes me three-quarters of an hour. Although most don't believe it, it doesn't take me that long to eat it, so why should I spend that much time preparing it?

If I get a fresh sandwich, I'm more than happy to wait a mere seven minutes. And my Hot Apple Pie really is a hot apple pie by the time it is served to me (Yes, *gasp*, they'll bring it to your table here!), which is nothing to complain about. I'd rather have my dessert served after I eat as opposed to having it sit there in front of me cooling (or melting) while I eat my meal.

But, what's with the "seven minutes" everything takes? Sometimes it is actually shorter. Once it may have been longer. But why not few, five or ten minutes?

Seven is a "lucky" number, sure. So maybe by saying that the order will be ready in seven minutes, they're actually saying an implied if you're lucky. You know, Your order will be ready in seven minutes (if you're lucky).

Well, I have no real ending for this, so I'll leave you with an all-too familiar sight around here these days: dramatic, ominous, rain-dumping clouds!

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