Saturday, 29 September 2007

Nuns on the Run

I attended a small Catholic college. Late each afternoon a van would pull into the circular drive in front of the administration building and several nuns would board it to return them to their convent. This was known as the "nun run".

Tonight at nine o'clock on our way back from dinner at Yellow Cab Pizza, Edson and I noticed a van full of nuns. On the side of the van it read "Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Perpetual Help". We noticed it because as it went through the intersection behind a police vehicle it slowed and suddenly made an illegal (see Jesus Didn't Drive (or "Drivers, Leave Your Catholicism at Home") post of Wednesday, July 18, 2007) left turn, with a nun at the wheel!

We noticed as she watched the police car ahead of her, then turn the van abruptly to the left at the last possible moment, turn her head and dash down the street, confident she had evaded the sight of the law.

But not the Lord.

Shame on you, Sisters! You are not abiding by the "Ten Commandments of Driving" Cardinal Renato Martino issued on June 19th this year. We might as well just toss out the entire Old Testament and its stories, like was done on Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City (see blog entry below).

All of Christendom is falling apart and it is doing so from the inside out thanks to you!!!!

Next thing I know you'll be the driver at the red light I see pulling in front of an ambulance, sirens wailing, as it rushes towards Makati Medical Center; your van's bumper sticker reading "Jesus Saves". The patient in the ambulance better hope He does because that's the only chance they'll have in surviving, now that you've blocked the ambulance driver's ability to get to the emergency room on time!!!

Beware of nuns behind the wheel in Manila. They've left their vows and their faith at home when they get behind the wheel!

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Edik said...

hahahaha the scene reminds me of the time when i was "pirated" by my auntie-nun to live with their old kind in their silence-please monastery. i experienced the way the driver-nun turned around a no-u-turn street and almost hit a pedestrian. all of them sisters had a gasp of jesus-in-heaven while i seated in the back delighted and in pure ecstasy.