Wednesday, 24 October 2007

My Daughter Niece's Birthday

Born in the beginning of October last year, Uncle Daddy Jay's daughter niece, Martina, finally had her party belatedly (as if she knew) on October 20, just a day after the Glorietta "maybe it is, maybe it isn't a bombing" tragedy, and two days before Uncle Daddy Jay's actual niece, Julia, celebrated her twelfth birthday.

Many activities were there for everyone to partake. Silk screening and tie-dying of t-shirts was very popular. Here, Meagan, who has now also been confused as my daughter, adds her name to her t-shirt.

There was also rope walking and rides down the slide for life. Here Martina demonstrates "rope hanging" with a little help from mom, Kit.

Looks even more fun up close!

Time to gather 'round to blow out the candles. When you're only one you need a little help from mom, dad, grandpa, and a lot of people you don't know!

There were also really, really, really mmmscrumptastylicious (New word. If Bush can do it, so can I!) homemade chocolate cupcakes, made by aunt Kat. Most people think of cupcakes as a dessert, while some people think of them as appetizers! (Any guess as to who?)

It was a wonderful party, and the best part of all is that Uncle Daddy Jay finally got to have his picture taken with his daughter niece and her mommy, who, in the minds of some, probably remains my wife! So, to Martina's father, I must say: "Sorry Inaki!"...

...and believe me, if I knew how to place a tilde over the 'n' in your name, I would've!

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