Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

The day of the Glorietta Bombing Edson and I were a good ten to twelve blocks away at the condo, where our pool looked a bit like it had been bombed as well!

You can see crews are working on the wall around the pool. This is because all the tiles on it have been falling off, so this week the crews have been removing all the old tiles (yes, the ones that hadn't removed themselves) and prepping the surface for their replacements. Replacements that we hope will be better-installed than their predecessors.

How old were those old tiles?

Our building has been open for a year this month...and the construction on the third of the three towers is just nearing completion.


That was on the east side of our tower.

Outside our window (which, if you have been a regular reader, you know faces west...hence the sunset shots. If you didn't know the sun sets in the west, stop reading now, call someone over, have them slap you for it, then commence reading) we were seeing this:

We called around to see if anyone else knew what was burning to no avail.

Nothing on the news.

Just a fire somewhere near the bay.

Oh, and as much as I've described buses belching black smoke here, they aren't quite this bad!

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