Thursday, 14 May 2009

Extra Gravy?

Filipinos love their brown gravy.

If they're eating fried chicken, it is always with rice and brown gravy. Lots of it.

Wednesday night Edson had a chicken roll at Tsoko Nut. It is served with rice and a small cup which contains, at most, about two to three tablespoons of gravy. That's hardly enough to get through half your meal, even if you don't slather gravy all over it!

Anyway, that night the gravy had the consistency of a thick paste. Gravy should be more saucy and actually have a pourable quality; hence the existence of gravy pourers. One shouldn't be required to eat it with a fork, as one might choose to eat applesauce. A spoon was wholly unnecessary for this gravy as none of it could run through the prongs of a fork.

Well, Edson ran out of gravy halfway through his meal and called to one of the servers for more.

Ten pesos, sir, was the reply.

Ten pesos for another few teaspoons of gravy?

Jollibee, McDonalds, and KFC all have free gravy refills for their diners.

Here, the server immediately apologized, it was ten pesos.

Here's the receipt to prove it:
Now Tsoko Nut's food is very good, and we will come back. But tacky charges such as this do blemish an otherwise great place to eat.


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just drop by to read your blog.. happy day ahead :)

koko said...

ive been out of the country for sooo long,they now charge 10 pesos for gravy?and not the type that pours?