Wednesday, 4 March 2009

A Visitor

In mid-February Edson and I had a visitor from the US come to stay with us. His name is Flat Stanley, and he is a friend of Maggie, my dear, long-time friend Moira's daughter. He stayed with us so Maggie and her class could learn about places and people in other parts of the world. So, while Maggie, her class, and parents were freezing in the southwestern Ohio winter, Flat Stanley was enjoying the onset of summer in the Philippines!

Flat Stanley got to spend one weekend with us as we traveled from Manila
to Subic. Edson gave a lecture at a meeting of architects. Stanley didn't
know what an architect was until Edson told him they are the people
who design the buildings in which we live and work. Here's Edson with Stanley at the conference.
I took Stanley to the pool area of the hotel where the conference was being held. It was really hot and sunny!
Then we introduced Stanley to some more architects, Geronimo and Godesil. In this
picture Geronimo was giving Stanley a goodbye kiss.
After the meeting was over we drove back to Manila. It took several
hours, which was a good thing, as the scenery was so beautiful.

When we saw all these shoes we knew Stanley had to have a picture here! Can you
find him in the picture? So Imeldific!
When we arrived back in Manila, we introduced Stanley to Bryant, the fitness instructor at the Columns. Like all Filipinos, he was very friendly to Stanley. He taught Stanley how to do some exercises. Here he is spotting Stanley.As my friend Moira noted when she saw this picture, we sent him to you as Flat Stanley. You are making him Buff Stanley.

Flat or buff, we hope he was able to do well for Maggie!

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