Friday, 20 March 2009


I was chatting online with a Filipino friend who works in Dubai last night.

I hadn't heard from him in a while and he told me why. He'd been stuck in Kish, Iran (a beach town) for forty-eight days!

He was only supposed to be there ten days, but stayed on for over a month because he was screwed. The Filipina he hired to renew his visa in Dubai took off with his paperwork and money...over one hundred seventy thousand Philippine pesos! That's roughly $3400 US! She essentially left him there to die. Hundreds of other Filipinos are also stuck in Kish for the same reason.

As is typical of Filipinos, she would always end her text messages and emails to him with God bless.

She represents the typical lying, cheating, hypocritical Filipino hiding behind their claim to Christianity. She is no different than the many evangelists in other countries in some way using religion to make money or cheat other people out of theirs.

What's even worse is this is the second time a fellow Filipino has done this to him over there.

So, if you are Filipino, working overseas, and reading this: don't trust your fellow countrymen with anything important to you. If it regards your livelihood, finances, or ability to stay in the country, do it yourself! Pass this on to all you know. Don't let the God bless fool you!

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