Sunday, 8 March 2009



Mr. Quickie, that is?

Sounds like the name a woman gives her husband, or a prostitute gives her regular client, if he's prone to premature ejaculation or just lasts a few minutes!

This Mr. Quickie is a business here in the Philippines!

No, not a male prostitution service either. Although I sense a great ad gimmick: Mr. Quickie: For the Woman on the Go! Women could stop in and just a few minutes later it'd all be over and they could be on their way back to the office or home to the husband who can't even measure up to the guy at Mr. Quickie. Oh, so sad.

Anyway, Mr. Quickie is actually not as exciting as the name could imply. Or perhaps it is more so, depending on your fetish.

Mr. Quickie is a shoe repair service.
So for all those people who crave shoes (And what stereotypical Imelda Marcos wanna-be doesn't?) Mr. Quickie could be very exciting. They'll restore those favorite shoes worn down from too much wear.

I'll still be cringing at the name of the place, though!

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