Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Questions Only a Filipino Could Answer...

...or could they?

Why do Filipinos go to ethnic restaurants just to order the same tapa or fried chicken and sweet-sauced spaghetti they get everywhere else?

(Note that I grabbed this image of tapa from the Max's Fried Chicken restaurants website.)

Why is it that Filipinos know all the latest songs, lyrics, and the dance moves, but radio play lists haven't changed since the Marcos era, including Kenny Rogers' Through the Years and Mary MacGregor's Torn Between Two Lovers?

Am I the only one disturbed by the Placenta line of beauty products?

These are just some of the things I wonder about.


Edik said...

now that is a difficult question to answer Jay!

why oh why?

maybe we are looking for a "better" version of our tapa. or we would love everyone to see that i can eat tapa in a restaurant like max's considering majority of the filipinos could not come to those restos. or it is just tapa i could afford among other food in the list.

but this one is easy.

you need to switch to other radio stations, jay, if you are tired of kenny rogers.

the placenta-thing gives me the creeps too.

Oscar Atadero said...

I also am very disturbed by proliferation of beauty consultants going around offering to pump up lips and breasts of aspiring cross-dressed beauty contestants with supposed collagen, but then these injections turn out to be silicone oil. I wonder what placentas are made of? Real placenta?