Saturday, 5 January 2008

Oh! I Almost Forgot...How Idiots Enhanced My Quality of Life!

Our condominium complex was in the news!

A few days before Christmas there was a Christmas party held in our building in the events hall on the seventh floor, which sees many receptions, parties, etc.

Well, late in the evening (ie: like around 1 a.m.) in a big rush to leave, sixteen people crammed themselves into one of the elevators like sardines and headed down.

They didn't get far.

The elevator fits about nine average-size people. That's it. Any more, and you're getting to know your neighbor in a whole new way. Squeezing seven more in there, must have been no easy task, and certainly one they wish they hadn't undertaken when the elevator got stuck a few floors later!

Depending on what version of the story I've heard, they were jammed in there for anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and a half. One of the guards told me the television news reported it as three hours! I didn't even know Rupert Murdock owned a Philippine television outlet! In all accounts, the news implied the condominium complex was at fault for not having personnel there to tell the idiots who jammed themselves into the elevator that they shouldn't.

This is beginning to sound SO American!

So that elevator was shut down for several days while workers repaired it and got it to function properly again.

Since the event, guards now do double-duty as elevator operators to ensure more groups, gaggles, schools, prides, packs, or flocks of, guests...don't jam themselves into them in their "rush" out of the building! Do note that their "rush" turned a twenty second elevator ride into a thirty-to-ninety minute ordeal!

By now the guards know which floor all the tenants live on and we don't need to tell them which floor we are headed for when we enter the building. I was getting so tired of all the effort it takes to push that button!

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