Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Of Doorbells and Dingbats

Cosmo Men -- Cosmo magazine's roster of 69 sexiest bachelors in the Philippines has just been launched.

That's right.


Not 68.

Not 70.

I'm sure that's 69 with a wink. ;-p

When I saw the cover, pictured above, I was immediately reminded of something a dear friend here said before I arrived.

She said there weren't any good looking guys in Manila anymore.

To be fair, there are better looking guys in the list of 69, than our coverboy, Mr. Dingdong Dantes.

Yes, you read it right.

Go ahead and laugh (I am!).


As Tracy Turnblad sings in Hairspray, "I can hear the bells...."


Avon calling!


Who you calling a 'dingdong'?

A boss of mine used to refer to a rather slow-witted co-worker as 'Dingdong'. Something like Archie Bunker in All in the Family calling his wife Edith a 'Dingbat'.

All kidding (and tears of laughter) aside, his real name is José Sixto Gonzales Dantes III. That's quite polysyllabic and it doesn't roll off the tongue (or memory) very well. He is popularly known as Dingdong Dantes (much easier to remember). He is a model, host, director, television and film actor. I doubt his real full name would ever fit on a movie marquee or billboard. He is also one of the highest paid and most popular actors in the Philippines. Being such, he is gracing the cover of Cosmo Men in all his naked glory.

Do they show Dingdong's dingdong? I doubt it. It's not THAT kind of magazine, and it would really upset the Catholic Church here if magazines did.

I just blog about "dingdong".

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