Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Hello, World.

Just a brief introduction to what the heck this is. Yeah, besides a blog. I figured you already knew that. I mean why I'm doing this and what you'll find here.

Well, you'll find here the thoughts that come out of my mind (even if I'm out of mine at the time) as well as pictures from my daily life and travels all throughout Manila and the rest of the Philippines. If you don't know where these places are it means you either didn't pay any attention in high school geography class or your high school didn't have one. Shame on you if it is the former and good for you (you can sue!) if it's the latter.

Thoughts (musings---I had to alliterate the title somehow) and pictures. Yep. That's pretty much it.

Oh, this picture is not from Manila. Sorry. It's from Boracay. No, I'm not trying to be misleading. It's just the first picture that I found to post. Anyway, it's just us (Edson and Jay) on our way to or from the island of Boracay at the beginning of May.


Edson said...

Finally! After much prodding and encouragement...Hehe. Make sure you post nice pictures of me. Love you!

Marjelou said...

Hey J-dhal! Looking forward to reading your "musings" about my dear country. Same as Edson, if there are any pics of me posted, I expect to look GREAT! :):):) MWAH!

Brian said...

Wonderful! I'm putting you in my RSS feed reader so I'll never miss a post.