Saturday, 30 June 2007

Barnyard Cats

Spent last Sunday (June 24) in Bulacan with Edson, his mom, and his brothers. Just a short (40 minute) drive north of metro Manila. We got to breathe the fresh air of the countryside. So, instead of breathing smog, we breathed the late afternoon scent of pig pens being cleaned. MMMmmmMMMmmm.....I'll take the smog, thanks!

Anyway, we found these cats in a corner of the barn. For a while they were photo-cooperative. So I share with you their 'good sides'!

And, just so you all don't think I spent the whole time with the kitties, here's some to prove otherwise:

We had 5 electric fans going it was so hot that day. Fortunately, none of that heat seems evident in our faces.

Oh, we passed a brand new mall on the way. I know, just what they need--another mall! And a very upscale one at that! It is my assumption that one day you'll be able to go throughout metro Manila and never leave a mall. The only time you may spend outside is on the walkways connecting them. Otherwise, all of the area will be a giant, air-conditioned, never-ending repetition of the same stores and fast-food establishments only 20% of the population can afford. But we wouldn't need 5 fans.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute! Getting back to nature! Bet the AC would have been useful in those 100 degree days just past.