Thursday, 14 June 2007

Amazing View

Isn't it amazing what pollution can do? It's really quite pretty in a kind of sick sort of way. You don't get sunsets like this in the unspoiled eden of Boracay.

It'd be a shame if they ever *wheeze* cleaned up the air around *cough* here. From my 14th floor (it's only the 14th because there's no 13th) *pant* window I have this great view (when I can see through the water in my eyes) every night. It can be really spectacular; sometimes the sky is completely red. Other evenings I have a great view of the lightning storms, now that the rainy season is beginning.

Yes, I watch lightning storms. Yes, instead of TV. No, I'm not bored. I get all the TV I need from Comedy Central's Motherload.

A lot more of these shots from the window will be sure to follow, so I hope you enjoy the view.

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