Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A Nation Mourns

Today, former Philippine president Corazon Aquino was laid to rest beside her husband Ninoy Aquino.

The four-hour, over ten mile transferral procession of her body to Manila Cathedral passed through Makati Monday. Millions left their offices to bear witness, as many had done back in 1983 when her husband was laid to rest after he returned from exile to the Philippines and was assassinated as he deplaned. His assassination led to the eventual overthrow of the brutal regime of Ferdinand Marcos and Corazon's election to the presidency, which took a nationwide revolt to seat her in office.

As the mother of the Philippines as a nation of people free from martial law, she will always be seen as an icon of democracy.

Educate yourself further if you like. Here are my images from the procession. Click on each for nice detailed views.

The view from Ayala and Se. Gil. Puyat Avenues:People atop the People Support call center building. (Calls about your mobile phones and online travel sites are handled here.) Note Makati Med in the background. That is where Cory spent the last month of her life, before succumbing to colon cancer.Getting the best view from ground level:The lead vehicle in the procession, with flags of Ninoy on them:Cory's casket:

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