Monday, 24 August 2009

Babbling Boobs

Yes, Babbling Boobs!

No, this isn't about the usual babbling boobs - Sarah Palin and other politicians. This is about something a little different.

This is about the informative cartoon we received with our Meralco electric bill.

In it I found babbling boobs! Check it out:See?

She has talking tits! Well, maybe tit. Neither Edson nor I can spot the other.

Perhaps that's not a she at all. Could be a transvestite or transsexual. This is the Philippines, after all!

Note how the guy with the funny mustache points and laughs, liking the fact that they talk. Of course, at the top of the page he's seen checking out the lineman's ass...the same lineman who is later flirting with the, the cartoon.

I'm not going to bother with the talking house lizard. America has been long accustomed to a taking gecko (with British accent, of course) pitching Geico Insurance for over ten years. So talking lizards aren't so unusual, are they?

Bills aren't this much fun in the US, especially since all of mine had been taken care of on-line for so many years.

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