Wednesday, 11 June 2008


All around me last week people were congratulating me. They'd just come up and say congratulations!

I'd look at them stupefied, wondering what I had unknowingly won or done to elicit such warm praise.

It turns out it isn't anything I did (well, in a way I did...I'll get to that later), but rather what occurred last week that mattered so much to them that they came to me to congratulate me.

Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign to be the Democratic Party's presidential candidate.

Barack Obama had effectively won the nomination.

Even the leader of Germany's Social Democrats broke with custom and publicly declared his hopes the US elects Obama president in November, noting the whole world will be the better for it. He, of course, isn't one of those who congratulated me; but the reaction is the same.

People everywhere are happy about the news Obama has won and all want him as the next president of the US.

I think that in the many social challenges the US and rest of the world are facing and will face, he is the better choice and I did support him in the primaries.

I am still struck that people congratulate me, though. One really doesn't fully realize how much the US presidential elections mean to the world until you see how the world reacts to them...

...and at this point he is only a candidate!

I can only imagine what the reaction will be like in November if he is elected.

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