Sunday, 27 April 2008


Yep. That's what I heard as crews began taping a commercial at our pool the other week.

The administration here at the Columns closed our pool from 5pm until midnight for the cast and crew to make a commercial advertising another property also being developed by the people who run the Columns.

I didn't sit around and gawk the whole time. But I did look out in time to hear "action!" and watch as a man sitting in the pool is approached by a scantily-clad woman who playfully kicks water at him, sits down beside him, and begins cuddling, followed by "cut".

That was it.

And look at all this light equipment!

I tried to shoot as the actors were acting, but because it was so dark, all I got was a long blur for the woman. So here's her co-star enjoying the cool of the waters, waiting for everything to happen.

Did you notice he's a foreigner?


Well, look a little closer.


Now, what do you suppose they are trying to say here?

He's certainly not the stereotype white guy in a white/Filipina couple here. Most are older than him, overweight, losing their hair in the wrong places and growing it in, unusual ones, slovenly, and a general mess. Accompanying them are tiny Filipinas half their age (if that) who they've plucked from the depths of poverty.

I don't think they'd sell the next development if they used a reality-based representation of the white guy/Filipina couple in the ad, as it tends to creep-out most Filipinos from what I hear.

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