Saturday, 16 February 2008

We Interrupt This Blog for Shameless Self-Promotion

Well, for Edson's promotion, anyway.

Note: Don't go adjusting the controls on your monitor, these photos are all in glorious black and white, folks!

At the request of our dear friends Rachel Rillo and Isa Lorenzo,

Edson is giving a lecture in conjunction with Rachel's photography exhibit, Manila at Makati's Silverlens Gallery February 23rd.

The exhibit features Manila through its chaotic web of tangled telephone wires. This huge, heavy mess of wires, many long out of use, create unique patterns and a network not only for communication but also a highway for birds, rats (and maybe even cats) to walk over.

Edson's lecture, The Colonial Imaginings of Manila: Architectural Photographs of Dean C. Worcester, 1899-1913 ties in nicely as he will be speaking of how Manila was portrayed as chaotic and primitive through photography by an American colonial administrator to justify American presence in the Philippines during the early twentieth century.

Well, all that chaos has done nothing but grow exponentially as Manila has grown to become a metro Manila!

This will be Edson's third speaking engagement at Silverlens. He draws a large audience, so arrive early to avoid standing through it all. Don't miss it!!!!

I noticed this mess 'o wires while walking through Intramuros a few weeks ago. In homage to Rachel, I present it here, again in glorious black and white!

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