Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Makati Sunset (Part 2)

All of Makati today (like yesterday) looks like a bathtub filled with newspapers and water--an uncomfortable interactive art piece with a palette of shades of grey.

That's right.

Rainy season is FINALLY here (over a month late!) and it came in with the whistling and howling winds of a typhoon, like a rock band who is late for their own concert. You knew they'd be there (you bought the tickets) and when they finally show up they have to go overboard on the volume to make it up to you. You get to walk around for days afterwards remembering the event because of the constant ringing in your ears.

That may be a bit overdramatic, but so is the weather.

At the Tempura Japanese Grill restaurant in the Convergys Building (where OnStar calls are taken, by the way) they are lamenting the poor design of the building today, as the rainwater flows into their restaurant from the street because the sidewalk sits slightly higher than their entryway, instead of significantly the other way around, as it should be.

Everywhere you hear the sound "wriccky wreccky wriccky" as pedestrians walk from ankle-deep puddles onto pavement in their flip-flops (known here as 'chinelas'--more on that in a future post), their wet feet interacting with the rubbery soles of the footwear.

So, enjoy this sunset shot and those that will follow. It may be awhile before I get to shoot more.

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