Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Crossing Ayala

Crossing Ayala Avenue became rather difficult this morning. Torrential rains came in at rush hour and dumped so much rain that it was knee-deep in some areas. Naturally, if you drive anything other than a truck, minivan or SUV you were likely in trouble if you were around our neighborhood. One friend reported the waters below his building were up to his underarms. This sounds impressive, but it must be noted he stands just five feet tall. He claims 5'3". If that is so, I've shrunk since I moved here in March. Nitpicking of the exact depth aside, that's enough to ruin perfectly good vehicles.

Like any good blogger, I remained indoors and took pictures to share with you all.

I'm not going out there IN the knee-deep waters! And certainly not with my camera while it's raining cats, dogs, monitor lizards, and various barnyard creatures (yeah, it was really raining hard)!

As you can see, it was pretty rough going on the street beside the fire station.

On Ayala Avenue, a Chrysler was really making waves, but then those cars do it on dry pavement as well!

Pedestrians, tricycles, and cars and trucks all had their share of troubles. As can be seen here, it is rather difficult to walk through water in your flip-flops! The woman in the first picture wasn't being overdramatic; she almost fell over!

Meanwhile, across the street, we can see where the waters of the creek between the Post Office and the park have overflowed and the black water is now enveloping the park, reversing course, and flowing back into the street.

I have no ending for this. Unlike the weather reporters on television, I can't just "throw" the show over to the anchor's desk. But, there is a lesson here: When venturing out in weather like this here in the Philippines, always pack the clothes you intend to wear in a bag or backpack and carry those with you to your destination. Change into them upon your arrival, because what you were wearing outside WILL be soaked.

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una hija de Manila said...

Hi, maybe several entries in your blog should be corrected to refer to the location of the subjects (of the photos or topics) as "in Metro Manila" instead of "in the Philippines". Most of the "Philipines" entries happen to be situated in Metro Manila, and the Philippines is not the urban sprawl that is Metro Manila. Just thought I'd bring it up as some perceptions may be skewed about the country in general (by readers who aren't well-informed); when in fact certain behaviors and situations discussed in the entries were found or encountered with the rat race in Metro Manila only, not the Philippines in general. Would be nice and (only fair to the other non-Metro Manila residents) to give the Philippines a break don't you think?... Hehe!