Tuesday, 31 July 2007

The Long and Winding Line

Edson and I looked out our window July 15th to see this scene at the Fire Station below:

We had no idea what was going on. The line was there the day before as well. And the day before that.

"What could they be giving away?" we thought. Was a free clinic set up at our Fire Department? What could attract such a line of people day in and day out? It never seemed to let up or grow shorter. And the line would begin early in the morning, even before 5AM. Whatever it was had to be really good.

On our way down to brunch we asked the attendant in the lobby if he knew what was going on across the street.

"Voter registration", he replied.

Now doesn't that beat all? People leave their homes when it is still dark, line up and camp out, sweat and fan themselves in the intense heat of the sun so they can register to vote!

If we had to do it that way in the United States, the only registered voters would be the ones who were also running for office! Nobody'd ever be elected to anything because every race would end in a tie.

Americans, look on this and appreciate what you DON'T have to go through to register to vote. And if you are registered, did you even bother to vote in the last election?

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