Sunday, 15 November 2009

Oh, I Remember You!

Almost three years ago, just before Edson and I left the US for the Philippines, we had lunch with my father at a popular local restaurant in Cincinnati, named Ron's Roost, a restaurant rightly famous for its fried chicken. Edson loved it. Last night we returned to Ron's Roost after almost three years.

The waitress remembered us...specifically Edson.

After almost three years.

We figure he was the last, if not only, Asian at Ron's Roost.

We could've told her he was the president of the Philippines and she'd believe us. I'm not saying that to insinuate she's gullible, just that I'm quite certain over half the population of the US doesn't know the Philippine president is a woman, and likely couldn't find the Philippines on an unmarked map.

This afternoon we found ourselves at The Container Store, preparing ourselves for our move to our new place and decided we'll have to get ourselves some of their Lined Makati Baskets:They're now on sale for $19.99 - 29.99. Perhaps these will remind us of Makati?? Doubtful. But one never knows...three years from now, perhaps a few Lined Makati Baskets in our closet will remind us of our life in Makati.

Oh, I remember....!

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