Sunday, 19 July 2009

Dragon Boat Races

Last Sunday I attended the Dragon Boat races at Manila Bay. As always, I'm a bit slow to pore through photos and pic the best to post here... here they are a week later!

As fortune would have it, several of my friends were there participating in various teams.

First, I was greeted by Wally:After we spent a few minutes chatting, he ws off to take part in the next race and I had spied another friend, Dexter:He's on the University of the Philippines' team, as can be told from the printing on his shirt, featuring the silhouette of the institution's famous "Oblation" statue. (I want one of those shirts! So Dexter, if you're reading this....hint, hint...wink, wink!)

As I continued on, I was spotted by my friend Booboy, who called out to me as he was doing warm-up exercises before his race:On his same team is my friend Erwyn:Also present (and a teammate of Booboy and Erwyn) was Edson's officemate Nina:(This shot is from a previous race, but I post it here because in trying to catch candids of everyone, Nina was under a tent and she is but a dark blur in the shots from last week. Sorry Nina!)

Anyway, here's some shots of the races and "stuff":

Now, here is something that is really best to never, never, never ever do: swimming in Manila Bay. Erwyn was sick for days just because a little water from the bay got in his mouth during a practice. These kids must have immune systems that can handle anything and everything, because that's what's in Manila Bay!Here's Wally at the front of the boat in red. His duty was just to beat the drum that day:

Now, if you've been wondering, as I was (and I'm sure too, my sister, also a dragon boat aficionado), where the dragons were; here's your answer:All lying on the ground! Why someone bothered to haul all these out to the event just to leave them laying in a pile is beyond me, but there they are. They belong on the ends of the boats. Without them, it really is more of a boat race than a dragon boat race, as there isn't much dragon about a boat without...well, a dragon!

Anyway, it was a great start to a great day nonetheless; and so good to see people I don't see near often enough.

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