Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Red Hot and Right on Time

Sometimes things just work out in a way you are certain someone "up above" is looking out for you. Our guardian angel, whoever he, she, or it may be has been very good to us lately.

Cases in point: As Edson and I were talking about taking up new projects to supplement our income calls began coming in. Text messages were received. All from people wanting to hire us for projects. Several even wished to make partial deposits (that is unheard of here)!

So now I have several appointments for photo shoots in May, with a deposit already placed on one and Edson has a project wishing to make their deposit soon.

Call it fate, answered prayers, or our guardian angel working for us. It all seems to be working out somehow.

Anyway, last week I was texted by someone saying she(?) was a big fan of mine "from the magazine". I assumed that referred to my two pictorials done for Outrage magazine, an online magazine.

Then on Sunday I was emailed by someone asking for some information about my shoot he saw published "in the current issue" of Red Hot magazine, kind of a Philippine version of Playgirl, but without the articles.

I had sent images to Red Hot almost a year ago and had forgotten about them. Apparently the issue was finally printed, and here it is:My shoot was one done back in 2007 for Felino TaƱada, the director of the film Hanggang Dito na Lamang at Maraming Salamat. My shoot was to showcase the new actor, Jerwin Mercado, who played one of the three main roles in the film. Due to the film's theme, a racy pictorial was called for. Thanks again to fate or guardian angels, I was the photographer chosen for the shoot. While the shoot went extraordinarily well, the magazine the shoot was intended for folded before I could even get the images to them!

A year went by before Red Hot decided to do an issue filled with guys who had acted in films which were fresh out on DVD. Well, that was in May of 2008. I hurried to prepare the images for them by the middle of the month, when they were doing the layout of the magazine. The magazine hit the stands a week or two ago I'm guessing. As I mentioned above, I was notified by the magazine's readers it was out on stands.

Anyway, here's a couple shots from the 11 pages I have of Mr. Mercado in the magazine:

Now, being featured in Red Hot itself isn't going to help us financially, but getting two responses already in one week can only serve as a sign a potential future response may involve more photo work!

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